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Sentiment Response
Sentiment Response
This script gives a different response to the user's question based on the sentiment of their phrase.
别名: @Sentiment Response
类别: Self, Examples
Tags: self, examples, sentiment
创建: Aug 24 2018, by: admin
大拇指: 0, 拇指下: 0, 星星: 0.0
Language: Self
连接: 282, 今天: 0, 周: 4, 一个月: 7
最后连接: Yesterday, 23:50
Emotions and Sentiment
Emotions and Sentiment
A set of words tagged with emotions and sentiment. Emotions and sentiment let the bot know the feeling of the user.
别名: @Emotions and Sentiment
类别: Response Lists
Tags: emotion, examples, response list, sentiment
创建: Apr 3 2018, by: admin
大拇指: 1, 拇指下: 0, 星星: 5.0
Language: Response List
连接: 361, 今天: 0, 周: 4, 一个月: 6
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